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Sustainable Fashion Brands

The Ukkiyo life is ready to save for the future generations. We are going sustainable! The textile and fashion industry is one of the biggest and oldest industrial sectors in the world. It uses more water in its processes than any other industry except agriculture, and it releases huge amounts of toxic chemicals into the environment. The Ukkiyo life is all levelled up to for no no using of toxic policy yet keeping the garments uber fashionable, Versatile and functional.

Sustainable Clothing Brands

4 Ways The Ukkiyo life kept in mind while going sustainable.

  • Use low-impact materials whenever it is possible, non-toxic, sustainably produced or recycled materials which require little or no natural resources (such as energy and water) to transport and process, and whose use does not threaten biodiversity.
  •  Focus on resource efficiency: create manufacturing processes, services and products that consume as few natural resources as possible.
  • Invest in high quality and durability, always longer lasting and better functioning products, which age aesthetically and therefore reduce the huge impact of product replacement.
  • Reuse, recycle and renew, always design products that can be reused, recycled or composted.

The brands use the materials and fabrics for their production , like linen, hemp, and organic cotton, are either natural, renewable, or recycled materials requiring little to no water during the production phase. It’s a good way of using less water usage and water pollution.

Things to keep in mind while spending your hard earned money on shopping.

  1. Buy higher quality items built to last.
  2. Buy versatile, staple clothing items.
  3. Purchase clothing items from sustainable brands.
  4. Buy from transparent brands.
  5. Wash clothing with cold water to prevent release of microfibres and plastic into waterways.

Sustainable fashion is about keeping upto today’s needs while ensuring to the best that the way we go about meeting those needs meet future needs as well.

If you go and dig down a little deeper, sustainable fashion is also about benefitting the people involved throughout the fashion supply chain which is like from farmers to consumers to everyone working in end-of-life facilities such as recycling factories.

Why is it so Crucial these days ? It literally and genuinely is as simple as it’s a complete matter of life or death. I know that sounds petrifying and bizarre but fashion has such a very prominent impact on communities around the Globe.

It’s crucial that we work towards a fashion industry that is working and going sustainable. However, I don’t think zero-waste is going to be a panacea for all of the problems in the fashion industry. As an industry, and as a culture, that spans across the world we’re going to have to look at reducing our consumption alongside moving towards more circular models of production. But the circular economy is an extremely exciting area that we need to be exploring further.

Top benefits to shop from a sustainable fashion brand. THE UKKIYO LIFE

  1. When you decided to go and opt for sustainable clothing, you get instant and supremely a sense of gratification of supporting the greater good of the planet for the future generation.
  2. You're Supporting Fair Labor Practices and a living wage to the deserved employees.
  3. You’re treating yourself with high quality garments.
  4. You’re going to contribute in a major way for the coming generations by saving up the resources and pollutions.

The Ukkiyo life wants the customers to wear high quality, Comfortable, Versatile, Fashionable and functional clothes.

We believe in the power of saving for the future generations, care for environment right from designing to manufacturing and taking pride in that, We are going completely SUSTAINABLE!

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