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We’ve all been in that situation where we have been out at work the whole day, and then, suddenly we have to get ready for an impromptu party by a friend! Then follows the chaos to and something to attend the party and look our fabulous-selves.

Don’t worry! You can accessorise our range of business out fits very quickly and on-the-go to give you that chic, elegantly fabulous, in-control look right at your office; without having to change into anything else!


Office Women Wear


Ukkiyo isn’t just about designing clothes.

It’s much more than that! Ukkiyo is about what you represent; a modern, flamboyant, independent woman who exudes confidence. Simultaneously, Ukkiyo celebrates your uniqueness and strives to create pieces around the fit that is truly yours. Not to forget, we are a definite no-no on using anything that harms our environment. And that is what Ukkiyo stands for.

A set of business formals and casual jumpsuits, cotton and linen dresses and florals, we’ve got everything for that ambitious and independent woman who is always on the go. Be it WFH, business brunches, that one dreaded presentation with a particularly challenging client, work-hard-party-harder dinners, or long days of data crunching that make you roll up your sleeves - Ukkiyo offers you a versatile wardrobe for your multifaceted life.


Work wear sorted

We’ve got you covered!

Our entire range is the literal manifestation of Ukkiyo, Japanese for the

‘urban lifestyle’

and we make sure that everything that comes from us gives you precisely that!


the Ukkiyo life

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