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Remember the age-old cliché, ‘the most important project you will ever work on is yourself’? And while you are at it, let us take care of making you look like it - every working day.

“The most common issue that I have found with international fast fashion brands is that the designs and patterns are pretty great, but the outfits sometimes don’t fit our conventional dressing styles (see- through, deep neck). And they are also expensive to use as daily-wear out fits.

women fashion

The modern, active and independent woman needs something that can morph three out fits into one and give her the freedom to work, play and party in the same dress she put on in the morning while being affordable.

That’s the void I plan to fill in the ladies’ wardrobes.

And at the same time make it so that the entire process is environment- friendly in a sustainable manner. Also, dresses fitted with pockets give a lady the mobility she needs to manoeuvre freely throughout the day.

That’s at least my basic motivation and goal when it comes to my line of designing.”


Priyanka, Co-founder & Lead Designer

the Ukkiyo life

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