Black Cotton Fleece Hoodie Coord

Rs. 2,000.00 Rs. 3,999.00
Color: Black

100% Cotton Fleece comes as a set of hoodie sweat shirt and jogger pant.They are the perfect fit for nay body type. Sweatshirt has hood detail and rib around the sleeves and bottom . Joggers are high waist with a elastic band and has nice regular fit with side pockets . We added extra length to Joggers to allow to fit most heights. If you feel the Joggers are long , they are easily alterable from any tailor.

Made from cotton it is soft, comfortable and breathable. The hem of the co-ord set is intended to fall according to the image on a height of 5'5 to 5'7”. Colour may vary slightly according to screen setting and resolution. 

There is truly something for everyone. This range is best for women who demand great things from their lounge wear, as these garments will see you tirelessly from couch to cocktail bar with a simple accessory change.


  • MATERIAL & CARE: Cotton is comfortable and breathable. Hand wash for better durability. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Iron at low temperature.
  • FIT: Regular fit  
  • DELIVERY: Ships in 5-7 Days 
  • STYLE: Smart Lounge wear 
  • FABRIC: Cotton Fleece 



    it’s simply a dream- come- true for comfort lovers who adore simplicity. lounge wear is chic street style this year. You can find lounge wear in countless different styles to suit your mood, style, and taste. Lounge wear is not the same as sleepwear. While you can wear lounge wear to bed, it’s best saved for the waking hours. The terms are confusingly interchangeable, but generally speaking lounge wear is designed to be worn while you’re pottering around the house, and occasionally outside.

    So, for those of you who have ever sat and wondered 'can you wear lounge wear outside?', the answer is 100% yes. Of course, you can. Whether that's for going for walks or putting on your best lounge wear sets for a drink or three, lounge wear has become an outfit in its own right

    One of the best things about lounge wear is you absolutely can wear it out. You won’t be on the receiving end of disapproving looks when you head to the shop donning your lounge wear, unlike pyjamas. Versatile range of lounge-wear sets to keep you comfy and stylish all season long and can be easily worn with slippers, casual shoes or boots for lounging, brunching, and dining.


  • STYLE NOTE: Lounge wear are wardrobe essential these days . Theukkiyolife coord can be worn as an active wear as well as a Lounge Wear .

     Pair it up a black sneaker and give yourself a All-black look for the day. Classic black, Savior for every situation.



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